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About Nordic Nature LIVE

Nordic Nature LIVE is a LiveStream and Subscription Video on Demand initiative of Green Gold of Norway.

Green Gold was founded in 2014 by Aurora Chaser Francisco Damm and ever since we have delivered exciting Whale watching, Snowmobile, and Northern Lights excursions as well as accommodation in our Crystal roof cabins in Northern Norway.

As traveling became restricted in March 2020, Green Gold started developing this LiveStream and Video option for guests who whether cannot travel, or who simply want to enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights, the Orcas, and the Midnight-sun, from the comfort of their homes. Welcome!

You can access the LiveStream here:

Six Months Aurora LiveStream + One Year Orca & Aurora Video

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Our Team

美甘 小竹  - Shino MIKAMO (Ms.)

㈱フィンコーポレーション / Finn Corporation NORDIC JAPAN / FINNTOUR


フィンツアー / (株)フィンコーポレーション

Francisco Damm

Aurora chaser, Skipper & CEO at Green Gold of Norway

Yuki Komine

General Manager, Sales Dept. Finn Corporation (Finntour / Nordic Japan)

Krisztina Balotay

Photographer & Videographer

Norbert Bus

Skipper & Videographer

Lenangsveien 1483

9068 Nord-Lenangen


Right by the Ullsfjord

on the Lyngen Alps

Our hours

We Livestream the

Northern Lights

on clear nights with strong geomagnetic energy from September to March